Advanced Examples


The Advanced Examples illustrate realistic applications of GEANT4 in typical experimental environments. They are developed in collaboration with user groups expert in the corresponding experimental domain. The code of the developed examples can be dowloaded together with the Geant4 toolkit in the directory geant4/examples/advanced.

Members (census 2020)


Examples List and responsibles

Example name Responsible Developer
air_shower B. Tomè
ams_Ecal M. Maire
brachytherapy S.Guatelli
ChargeExchangeMC A.Radkov
composite_calorimeter A.Ribon
doiPET A. Ahmed , S. Guatelli , M. Safavi
eRosita M.G.Pia,D. Schlosser G. Weidenspointner
gammaknife F.Romano
gammaray_telescope F.Longo
hadrontherapy G.A.P.Cirrone
human_phantom S. Guatelli
iort_therapy G. Russo
lAr_Calorimeter A. Dotti
medical_linac B.Caccia and G.A.P.Cirrone
microbeam S.Incerti
microelectronics M. Raine
nanobeam S.Incerti
purging_magnet J.Apostolakis
radioprotection S.Guatelli
STCyclotron F. Poignant and S.Guatelli
underground_physics A.Howard
xray_fluerescence A.Mantero
xray_telescope G.Santin


Working plans

Working Plan for 2019

  • Maintenance and bug fixes (1,2)
  • Code review (e.g. implementation of the extended examples coding guidelines) in selected examples (1,2)
  • Developments of alternative approaches for LET calculation in hadrontherapy (1, 2) [*]
  • Assessment of physics of advanced examples and analysis of software quality metrics of advanced examples (1, 2)
  • Migration of the air_shower advanced example to MT (1,2)
  • Release of a new example for nanomedicine (gold nanoparticles in X-ray radiotherapy) (2)[*]

[*] Optional, and subject to the availability of manpower

Older workplans are here.