Software Management

The software management working group is responsible for:

  • The global category
  • The build/test system for Geant4
  • The running of web tools for the collaboration
    • GitLab repositories and workflow
    • Jenkins and CDash testing systems 
    • Problem reporting system
    • User requirements system
    • Hypernews system

Members of the working group

  • Gabriele Cosmo - global, release management, quality control
  • Andrea Dotti - Docker image development
  • Gunter Folger - support for web and tools, building of binary releases
  • Jonathan Madsen - Docker image development
  • Pere Mato - support for tools
  • Ben Morgan - coordinator - CMake setup and support
  • Koichi Murakami - support and running of Bugzilla problem reporting and JIRA user requirements systems

Activities and Workplans