Geant4 User's Documents

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User's Document: Overview K. Amako (KEK)



- Introduction to Geant4

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1. GEANT4 project goal and history S. Giani (CERN)
2. What can you do with the Geant4 toolkit? S. Giani (CERN)
3. What software knowledge is required to use the Geant4 toolkit? S. Giani (CERN)
4. Which computing environment is required to use the Geant4 toolkit? G. Folger (CERN)
5. Where can you find the resources of Geant4 toolkit? G. Folger (CERN)
6. Who is maintaining the Geant4 toolkit? S. Giani (CERN)
7. Geant4 user support process S. Giani (CERN)
8. Geant4 user support use cases S. Giani (CERN)


User's Guides

- Installation Guide: For Setting up Geant4 in Your Computing Environment

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1. Installation introduction G. Cosmo (CERN)
2. Installation on a Unix machine G. Cosmo (CERN)
3. Installation on a PC machine G. Cosmo (CERN)
3.1 Windows with the Cygwin Toolset and Microsoft Visual C++ G. Cosmo, G. Folger (CERN)
3.2 Building kernel libraries DLLs G. Cosmo (CERN)


- For Application Developers

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1. Introduction D.H. Wright (SLAC)
2. Getting Started with Geant4 - Running a Simple Example
2.1 How to define the main program M. Asai (SLAC)
2.2 How to define a detector geometry J. Apostolakis, G. Cosmo (CERN)
2.3 How to specify material in the detector M. Maire (LAPP)
2.4 How to specify a particle H. Kurashige (Kobe)
2.5 How to specify a physics process H. Kurashige (Kobe)
2.6 How to generate a primary event M. Asai (SLAC)
2.7 How to make an executable program G. Cosmo (CERN)
2.8 How to install and use graphical user interfaces H. Yoshida (Naruto)
2.9 How to execute your program M. Maire (LAPP)
2.10 How to visualize the detector and tracking steps S. Tanaka (Kyoto)
3. Toolkit Fundamentals
3.1 Class Categories and Domains K. Amako (KEK)
3.2 Global Usage Classes G. Cosmo (CERN)
3.3 System of units M. Maire (LAPP)
3.4 Run M. Asai (SLAC)
3.5 Event M. Asai (SLAC)
3.6 Event Generator Interface M. Asai (SLAC)
3.7 Event Biasing Techniques M. Dressel (CERN)
4. Detector Definition and Response
4.1 Geometry J. Apostolakis, G. Cosmo (CERN)
    4.1.11 Converting Geometries from Geant3 T. Wenaus (BNL), W. Lockman (Santa Cruz)
    4.1.12 Detecting Overlapping Volumes S. Tanaka (Kyoto), G. Cosmo (CERN)
4.2 Materials M. Maire (LAPP)
4.3 Electromagnetic Field J. Apostolakis (CERN)
4.4 Hits M. Asai (SLAC)
4.5 Digitization M. Asai (SLAC)
4.6 Object Persistency Y. Morita (KEK)
5. Tracking and Physics
5.1 Tracking K. Amako, T. Sasaki (KEK)
5.2 Physics Processes H. Kurashige (Kobe)
    5.2 Introduction H. Kurashige (Kobe)
    5.2.1 Electromagnetic interactions L. Urban (Budapest), M. Maire (LAPP)
    5.2.2 Hadronic interactions H-P. Wellisch (CERN)
    5.2.3 Particle decay process H. Kurashige (Kobe)
    5.2.4 Photolepton-hadron processes H-P. Wellisch (CERN)
    5.2.5 Optical Photon Processes P. Gumplinger (TRIUMF)
    5.2.6 Parameterization M. Verderi (PNHE), J. Weng (Karlsruhe)
    5.2.7 Transportation Process J. Apostolakis (CERN)
5.3 Particles H. Kurashige (Kobe)
5.4 Production Threshold Versus Tracking Cut M. Maire (LAPP)
5.5 Cuts per region M. Asai (SLAC)
6. User Actions
6.1 Mandatory User Actions and Initializations M. Asai (SLAC)
6.2 Optional User Actions M. Asai (SLAC)
7. Communication and Control
7.1 Built-in Commands M. Asai (SLAC)
7.2 User Interface - Defining New Commands M. Asai (SLAC)
8. Visualization
8.1 Visualization Introduction S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
8.2 What Can Be Visualized? S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
8.3 Visualization Attributes S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
8.4 Polylines, Markers and Text S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
8.5 Making a Visualization Executable S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
8.6 Visualization Drivers S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
8.7 Interactive Visualization S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
8.8 Non-interactive Visualization S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
8.9 Built-in Visualization Commands S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
8.10 More About Visualization S. Tanaka (Kyoto)
9. Examples
9.1 Novice Examples M. Asai (SLAC)
9.2 Advanced Examples M. Asai (SLAC)
9.3 Extended Examples D.H. Wright (SLAC)
10. Appendix
10.1 Tips for Program Compilation G. Cosmo (CERN)
10.2 Histogramming G. Cosmo, G. Folger (CERN)
10.3 CLHEP and ANAPHE G. Cosmo, G. Folger (CERN)
10.4 C++ Standard Template Library G. Cosmo, G. Folger (CERN)
10.5 Makefiles and Environment Variables G. Cosmo (CERN)
10.6 Build for MS Visual C++ G. Cosmo, G. Folger (CERN)
10.7 Development and Debug Tools G. Cosmo, G. Folger (CERN)


- For Toolkit Developers

Section Author

1. Introduction K. Amako (KEK)
2. User requirements document K. Amako (KEK)
3 Object-oriented anaysis and design of Geant4 Categories
3.1 Run and Event Categories M. Asai (SLAC)
3.2 Tracking K. Amako, T. Sasaki (KEK)
3.3 Physics Processes H. Kurashige (Kobe)
3.4 Hit M. Asai (SLAC)
3.4 Geometry J. Apostolakis, G.Cosmo (CERN)
3.5 Electro-magnetic fields J. Apostolakis (CERN)
3.6 Particles H. Kurashige (Kobe)
3.7 Materials M. Maire (LAPP)
3.8 Global Usage G. Cosmo (CERN)
3.9 Visualization S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
3.10 User Interface M. Asai (SLAC)
4 Guide to extend Geant4 class functionality
4.1 Geometry J. Apostolakis, G. Cosmo (CERN)
4.2 Electro-magnetic fields J. Apostolakis (CERN)
4.3 Physics Processes H. Kurashige (Kobe)
4.4 Extending hadronic physics functionality H-P. Wellisch (CERN)
4.5 Visualization S. Tanaka (Kyoto), J. Allison (Manchester)
5 Appendix
5.1 Class Diagrams for the Geometry Category G. Cosmo (CERN)


- Reference Manuals

Section Author

1. Physics Reference Manual Global Editors: H-P. Wellisch (CERN), M. Maire (LAPP), L. Urban (Budapest)
2. Software Reference Manual Global Editor: K. Amako (KEK)