Version: Geant4 8.0 December 2005

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Welcome to the Geant4 User's Documents page. This page gives you an overview of all available documents which are created and maintained by the Geant4 international collaboration.

GEANT4 is a toolkit for both full and fast Monte Carlo simulation of detectors in High Energy Physics. It is also designed to take into account the requirements of space and cosmic ray applications, nuclear, heavy ion and radiation computations, and medical applications.

The following document gives you a more complete introduction to Geant4.

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User's Guides

The following four documents comprise a complete set of user's manuals for the Geant4 toolkit. They contain the information necessary to build a simulation at the novice or advanced level, and to make improvements in the toolkit itself.

Contributions from Users

To make Geant4 a more powerful and reliable detector simulation toolkit, all levels of contributions from you are essential.

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