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10.2 Histogramming

Geant4 is independent of any histogramming package. The Geant4 toolkit has no drivers for histogramming, and no drivers are needed in Geant4 to use a histogramming package. The code for generating histograms should be compliant with the AIDA abstract interfaces for Data Analysis [1]

Consequently, you may use your favourite package together with the Geant4 toolkit.

10.2.1 JAS

Please refer to the JAS documentation on histogramming for using the JAVA Analysis Studio tool [2].

10.2.2 PI

Please refer to the PI (Physicist Interfaces) project pages on histogramming for using an AIDA Interactive Analysis Environment [3].

10.2.3 Open Scientist Lab

Please refer to the Open Scientist Lab documentation on histogramming for using the Lab Analysis plug-in for the OnX package [4].

10.2.4 Examples

Examples in Geant4 showing how to use AIDA compliant tools for histogramming are available in the code distribution in the geant4/examples/extended/analysis, geant4/examples/extended/electromagnetic and geant4/examples/advanced directories.

[1] http://aida.freehep.org
[2] http://jas.freehep.org/documentation.htm
[3] http://lcgapp.cern.ch/doxygen/PI/snapshot/doxygen
[4] http://www.lal.in2p3.fr/OpenScientist

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