Geant4 Installation Guide

Building and Installing Geant4 for Users and Developers

Geant4 Collaboration

Version: geant4 10.3

9 December 2016

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started
1.1. Supported and Tested Platforms
1.2. Software Required to Build Geant4
1.2.1. CLHEP Library
1.3. Software Required to Build Optional Components of Geant4
1.4. Software Suggested for Use With Geant4
2. Building and Installing Geant4
2.1. Building and Installing on Unix Platforms
2.2. Building and Installing on Windows Platforms
2.3. Geant4 Build Options
2.3.1. Standard Options
2.3.2. Advanced Options
2.3.3. Selecting a Different Compiler and Changing Flags
2.3.4. Using an Initial Cache File for Build Options
3. Setting Up and Using an Install of Geant4
3.1. Geant4 Installation Locations
3.2. Building Applications with Geant4
3.2.1. Using CMake to build Applications: Geant4Config.cmake
3.2.2. Using Geant4Make to build Applications: binmake.gmk
3.2.3. Other Unix Build Systems: geant4-config
3.3. Note on Geant4 Datasets
4. CMake and Build Tools For Geant4 Developers
4.1. Developing Geant4 using Make, Xcode, Visual Studio and Eclipse
4.1.1. Using the Eclipse IDE
4.2. Command Line Help with Make
4.3. Building Quickly and Efficiently with Multiple Build Directories
4.4. Building Test Applications Against Your Development Build
5. Help And Support
5.1. Getting Help
5.2. Further Information