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Geant4-MT Prototype Source Code Download

Geant4-MT 9.5.p01 Prototype
   released 13 August 2012

The Geant4 multi-threaded (Geant4-MT) prototype source code is freely available. See the licence conditions.

Feedback for any problem found is welcome; any discussion or problem, including how to convert an application to best use Geant4-MT can be posted to the dedicated thread on Geant4 Hypernews.


  • The current prototype release is based on the sequential version 9.5.p01; the data sets for release 9.5 series should be used.
  • As this is prototype code, it is distributed "as is", and full support cannot be provided.
  • It supports all kinds of geometries, detector sensitivity and scoring features.
  • Current limitations:
    • Only Linux platforms (SLC5) are supported, with gcc-4.1 or greater
    • Only CMake build system is now supported.
      A quick installation note is provided in the distribution within the Documents folder.
    • Works for batch jobs only; interactive GUI/visualization are not yet adapted.
    • Tested only for the most common physics-lists setups.
  • Only source code and no pre-built libraries are provided.
  • A minimal set of examples is provided; for each one it is possible to specify the number of threads as additional argument to the batch execution command - i.e. for 8 threads (cores): $ ParN02 run1.mac 8
  • It requires minimal user-code migration. Relevant documentation can be found in the users' guide included in the Documents folder of the distribution.

Source files

The archived source code is available here:

Data files (*)

For specific, optional physics processes some of the following files are required. The file format is compatible with Unix, GNU, and Windows utilities.

NOTE: The Geant4-MT protototype has been tested using CLHEP version

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Last updated: 20 Dec 2012