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Model/Process Catalog

The process/model catalog is a list of the processes, models and cross sections provided by the Geant4 toolkit for the building of physics lists. It may be searched by

Particle: each particle entry lists all the processes which may be assigned to it;

Process: each process entry gives an example of how to invoke it, lists all the models and cross sections which may be registered to it, and lists all particles to which the process may be assigned;

Model: each model entry gives an example of how to invoke it, a list of the particles to which it applies, the energy range within which the model should be used, and alternate models, if available;

Cross section: each cross section entry lists the particles for which it is valid and gives an example for how it can be added to the list of cross sections for a given process;

Physics list: this part not completed yet. Each physics list entry will list all the processes and models it uses.

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Last updated: 10/02/2008