Past Events

The Japan Taiwan Symposium on Simulation in Medicine, KEK, Tsukuba (Japan), 12-15 December 2006.

Geant4-Spenvis Space Users' Workshop, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Pasadena, California (USA), 6-10 November 2006.

11th Geant4 Collaboration Workshop, LIP, Lisbon (Portugal), 9-14 October 2006.

Geant4 tutorial course, McGill University, Montreal (Canada), 25-28 September 2006.

Hadronic Shower Simulation Workshop, Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois (USA), 6-8 September 2006.

Geant4 Physics Verification and Validation Workshop, CERN, Geneva (Switzerland), 17-19 July 2006.

4-day Geant4 tutorial, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, Virginia (USA), 22-25 May 2006.

Geant4 training course, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna (Austria), 18-20 May 2006.

4-day Geant4 tutorial, SLAC, Stanford (USA), 7-10 March 2006.

CHEP06, Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, T.I.F.R. Mumbai (India), 13-17 February 2006.

Geant4 short course, INFN Pisa, Pisa (Italy), 12 January 2006.

10th Geant4 Collaboration Workshop and Users Conference, Bordeaux (France), 3-10 November 2005.
Slides & videos for the Users Workshop and the Collaboration Workshop.

2005 IEEE NSS/MIC Conference, San Juan (Puerto Rico), 23-29 October 2005.