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Recomendations for web page editing


All changes done in 'edit mode' are local, you must use the 'SAVE' button at the bottom of the edit page to store changes in the database.

Edit existing page 

Navigate to the page you want to edit, and then switch to the edit tab below the title of the page. Do not forget to SAVE your changes. 

Create a new page

To add a new pages, goto 'Content -> Add Content -> Basic Page'. Most new pages should be of this type.

Exceptions are 

  • New items
    • Use 'News Item'. the
  • Events
    • Give the text in teh body of the event. You have to also give the end date of teh event in a date field.
      • The title is (for now) ignored; but the title is used if you list content. I suggest to use (Tutorial | Workshop | User Forum ): where, when(month & year) 
  • new steering board pages, which should be one of the SB content types. These have access restricted to teh steering board.

Links to other content

Write the text as usual, then select the part of the text you want to as link. In the header pane of teh editor is a link (chain) symbol, click this. In the popup you have to choose Protocol and enter the URL:

  • links to other pages in Drupal must use Protocol <other>, and the URL is either /node/1234, or, if there is an alias, the alias with a leading /
  • links to external pages usually should use http (or https), and then give the full URL.
    • Please do NOT use links to, or
  • Links to uploaded files should be like [file:/geant4/.../file.extension], where you can use the pop-up used the create the link to navigate to the the directory, to upload a file. For woring group files, these should be in geant4/collaboration/working_groups/wg-name/

  • If you want the link to open in a new tab/window switch to the Target tab, and in the pull down menu  use the 'new window' option

Options when saving a page

Before you save a page, at the bottom of the edit page you may change options. I recommend you leave the default options. Please leave the option to create a new revision selected, so you can revert changes. If needed past revisions can selectively be deleted.

If the page is rather high level, then you could create an URL alias, using the URL alias option; the alias MUST NOT start with '/'. Links to this page should then also use the alias as URL, but with a leading '/' added in the URL.