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Task Force for R&Ds

The role of Task Force for R&Ds is to

  • Promote longer-term R&D efforts on the exploitation of emerging technologies, computing architectures or software architectural revisions, and new or better physics ideas that would be beneficial to Geant4. 
  • Make timely assessments on these R&Ds for their feasibility, benefits and required efforts.

The Task Force has identified three development axis that should be followed in order to evolve Geant4 to meet the requirements of the forthcoming experiments:

  • Improvement, optimization, modernization and refactoring of the existing Geant4 code
  • Development and integration of fast simulation techniques
  • Investigation of the potential use of accelerators

Several R&D activities have started exploring the potential evolution in those three areas and currently they include:

The meetings of the Task Force are open to the public and contributions are welcome.
Task Force coordinator: Witek Pokorski (CERN)
Deputy Task Force coordinatorJonathan R. Madsen (NERSC/LBL)