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The Geant4 geometry working group is responsible for the development and maintenance of the geometry modeller in the Geant4 toolkit. The development in the Geant4 geometry modeller spawns within the following areas: geometrical shapes, navigation algorithms, detector modelling techniques (volumes positioning), transportation in field and importance biasing techniques.

The Working Group is currently composed by:

  • John Apostolakis, CERN (coordinator - field, navigation)
  • Gabriele Cosmo, CERN (deputy-coordinator - management, navigation, volumes)
  • Guilherme Amadio, CERN (navigation)
  • Pedro Arce Dubois, CIEMAT (navigation, volumes)
  • Makoto Asai, SLAC (biasing, volumes)
  • Rodrigo Daniel Castro, Universidad de Buenos Aires (field)
  • Andrei Gheata, CERN (navigation)
  • Mihaela Gheata, CERN (solids)
  • Vladimir Grichine, Russian Academy of Sciences (solids)
  • Ivana Hrivnacova, IN2P3 Orsay (g3tog4, volumes)
  • Guilherme Lima, FNAL (navigation, solids)
  • Lucio Santi, Universidad de Buenos Aires (field)
  • Raman Sehgal, BARC (solids)
  • Evgueni Tcherniaev, Lebedev Institute (solids)
  • Sandro Christian Wenzel, CERN (navigation, solids)


Detector Description


Cuts by detector region

Parallel Navigation

Event biasing

  • Latest development in importance sampling and scoring: documentation (by M.Dressel)
    - Contact: A.Howard
  • Scoring and geometrical importance sampling use cases (by M.Dressel)
    - Contact: A.Howard


  • User Requirements Document (PDF, v.0.2), by G.Daquino
    - Contact: A.Howard

Code Reviews

LXR Code Browsing


  • Reference-counted touchables proposal (PPT)
    - R.Chytracek, May 2001
  • Importance Sampling (geometrical splitting and Russian Roulette) (PDF)
    - M.Dressel, November 2002

Recent Publications

Geometry Tutorial