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Physics Lists And Validation Tools



  • Gunter Folger, CERN (coordinator)
  • Dmitri Konstantinov, IHEP Protvino
  • Kihyeon Cho, Korea Institute of Sciene and Technology Information
  • Krzysztof Genser, Fermilab (deputy coordinator)
  • Robert W. Hatcher, Fermilab
  • Alexander Howard, CERN & ETH Zurich
  • Soonwook Hwang, Korea Institute of Sciene and Technology Information
  • Vladimir Ivantchenko, CERN & EMSU Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Mathieu Karamitos, IN2P3
  • Grigorii Latyshev, CERN
  • Davide Mancusi, CEA
  • Myeong Hwan Mun, Korea Institute of Sciene and Technology Information
  • Luciano Pandola, INFN LNGS
  • Alberto Ribon, CERN
  • Hans-Joachim Wenzel, Fermilab
  • Dennis Wright, SLAC
  • Julia Yarba, Fermilab

Working group mailing list, restricted to members.

Working group goals

More precisely the working group should undertake the work of maintaining reasonable number of pre-packaged physics lists, physics constructors and physics builders that cover most if not all of known user domains, make physics validation results available to users and develop/maintain tools to present these results. The work should include:

  • Communicate with physics working groups to maintain the physics lists etc and their parameter settings updated to current
  • Maintain the documentation, user guide, etc.
  • Communicate with example working groups to promote the proper use of updated physics lists etc.
  • Conduct physics performance monitoring and notice issues to relevant (physics) developers
  • Maintain the public web page of physics validation
  • Develop common tools for physics validation.

The area of work covered by this new WG is the combination of what previously Physics List Task Force and Physics performance Monitoring Task Force took care of.

Work plans

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