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Processes & Materials

The Geant4 Generic Processes & Materials working group is responsible for the development and maintenance of the "materials" module in Geant4 as well as developments for fast parameterisation, process-based biasing and reverse Monte-Carlo.


The Working Group is currently composed by:

  • Makoto Asai, SLAC
  • Laurent Desorgher, Bern University
  • Alexander Howard, CERN, ETH Zurich
  • Vladimir Ivantchenko, CERN (deputy)
  • Hisaya Kurashige, Kobe University
  • Fan Lei, RadMod, UK
  • Michel Maire, LAPP/IN2P3
  • Igor Semeniouk LLR/IN2P3
  • Pete Truscott, Kallisto Consultancy
  • Marc Verderi, LLR/IN2P3 (coordinator)
  • Anna Zaborowska, CERN

Work plans

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