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Run, Event And Detector Responses

Responsible categories

Members and their responsibilities

Working group coordinator : Makoto Asai (JLab)
G4RunManager and related classes, G4EventManager and related classes, /source/readout/, /source/digits_hits/detector/, /source/digits_hits/digits/, /source/digits_hits/hits/, /source/processes/scoring/, /examples/extended/runAndEvent/RE01/
Deputy working group coordinator : Ben Morgan (STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK), University of Warwick)
Multithreading, tasking and thread safety
Tsukasa Aso (Toyama National College of Maritime Technology)
/source/digits_hits/utils/, /examples/extended/runAndEvent/RE02/
Enrico Bagli (University Ferrara and INFN Ferrara, Italy)
Nathan Brei (JLab)
Multithreading, tasking and thread safety
Gene Cooperman (Northeastern University)
Geant4MT, /examples/extended/parallel/
Andrea Dotti ()
Geant4MT, /source/event (General Particle Source)
Andrew Green (Manchester University, UK)
/source/event (General Particle Source)
Akinori Kimura (Ashikaga Institute of Technology)
Hisaya Kurashige (Kobe University)
G4VPhysicsList and related classes
Fan Lei (RadMod Research)
G4GeneralParticleSource and related classes, /examples/extended/eventgenerator/exgps/
Jonathan R. Madsen (AMD)
Multithreading, tasking and thread safety, /examples/extended/parallel/ThreadsafeScorers
Koichi Murakami (KEK)
Amitoj Singh (JLab)
Multithreading, tasking and thread safety

Work plan