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The visualization working group develops and maintains the Geant4 systems for vizualizing geometries, trajectories and hits. These systems include the core visualization interfaces plus a large number of specific visualization drivers to provide a wide variety of graphics capabilities. The visualization working group advises users on how best to exploit the available tools and how to integrate Geant4 visualization into any pre-existing software framework.

Active Members

Organization and Responsibilities

Visualization Sub-directory Responsible Developer
Core Functionality: graphics_reps, management, modeling, etc. John Allison, Laurent Garnier Joseph Perl
Visualization parts of examples John Allison, Laurent Garnier Joseph Perl
ASCIITree John Allison
DAWN Satoshi Tanaka
gMocren Akinori Kimura
HepRep Joseph Perl,
OpenGL John Allison, Laurent Garnier
OpenInventor Frederick Jones, John Allison
Qt Laurent Garnier
RayTracer Makoto Asai, John Allison
VRML Satoshi Tanaka
R&D for iOS and Android Devices Guy Barrand



Work Plans

Tutorials and Talks


  • The Geant4 Visualisation System J Allison, M Asai, G Barrand, M Donszelmann, K Minamimoto, J Perl, S Tanaka, E Tcherniaev, J Tinslay, Computer Physics Communications, Volume 178, Issue 5, 331-365, 1 March 2008