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Geant4 Review 2007

Dates: 16 - 20 April 2007 at CERN


A review of the Geant4 Collaboration's work, focusing on the physics and computing performance and on the usability of the Geant4 toolkit will take place in April 2007. The review is organised by the Geant4 Oversight Board, and will take place at CERN.

If you have experiences and feedback which could assist the reviewers, we invite you to submit your input regarding the matters under review to one of the members of the review panel.

Review Mandate

The mandate of the Geant4 Review Committee in 2007 is to investigate the physics precision, computational speed and general usability of the Geant4 software for the major existing and upcoming Geant4 use cases in its various application domains, and to issue recommendations for future software improvements and developments. In performing this task, the Commitee may also address auxiliary issues that it considers relevant.

Review Panel Members

Name, Institution(s)

Irène Buvat, INSERM France 
Fabio Cossuti, INFN Trieste 
Frank Gaede, DESY, Hamburg 
Nobu Katayama, KEK, Tsukuba
Andreas Morsch, CERN, Geneva 
Robert Reed, Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN 
Sayed Rokni, SLAC, Mountain View CA 
Lembit Sihver, Chalmers University, Sweden
Charles Young, SLAC (chair)


Communicating your feedback

Please contact us if you have relevant feedback, significant results, issues open for some time that concern the physics accuracy, computing performance or usability of Geant4. Feel free to contact any reviewer. We encourage you to find a reviewer who is close to your application areas, in order to enable the best communication. Else, if you prefer, send your comments to geant4-review AT

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