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Generic Processes & Materials - Workplan 2019

Version 1.1
  • Geometry Biasing with Importance:
    • Comparison between generic and importance biasing
    • Investigate rare crashes in Geometry-based Importance biasing
    • Implement extension for multiple particle-type biasing. 
  • Differential Cross-section class:
    • Design and implementation of at least an elastic diff. cross-section class to be used in DXTRAN option
    • Make use of this class in some processes
      • In particular the hadron elastic one
  • Generic Biasing:
    • Continue enriching event biasing options:
      • Leading particle (alternative to existing one in HAD)
      • DXTRAN-like biasing
      • Implicit capture
        • Clarify MCNP scheme for implicit capture
    • Extend generic biasing scheme for at rest case
    • Statistical test suite to verify correctness of biasing wrt to analog
    • Feasibility studies and prototyping
      • Biasing of charged particles, with cross-section changing over the step
      • Use of occurrence biasing to allow continuous density change inside a same volume
      • Material/isotope biasing
      • Woodcock tracking
    • Large cross-section change (eg : neutrino interaction)
      • Investigate potential difficulties in propagating tiny weights.
  • Fast Simulation:
    • Continuation of GFlash models revision
  • Radiotherapy & radioprotection:
    • Completion of the ambient dose equivalent H*(10) topics