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Work Plan for 2015

Version 1.0

  • Code review:
    • Update Wiki page with obsolete features (1)
    • Remove the obsolete features from the code using the agreed replacement (1,2)
    • Start reviewing examples macros and tests: make sure that provided macros cover all commands implemented in example and the cdash test covers all important example use cases (1,2)
  • Continue with migration to MT
    • Review the status and update the table on the Wiki page (1)
    • Progress with the examples planned for this year release (1,2)
  • Finish applying coding guidelines:
    • Review the status and update the table on the Wiki page (1)
    • Finish the examples not yet completed (1,2)
  • Finish migration to g4tools:
    • rdecay02 (1,2)
  • New examples & existing examples improvements:
    • New field example, field07, with faster variants of the integrators using templates (1,2)
    • Extended biasing examples: define common physics list for B02 and B03 (1,2)

(1) First semester
(2) Second semester

Items marked with
refer to WG core developers.
refer to WG members, example owners

Previous years planned activities

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