Past Events

Geant4 Training Course, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee (USA), 19-23 May 2008.

5th Geant4 Space Users' Workshop, University of Tokyo, Tokyo (JP), 13-15 February 2008.

2nd Computational Medical Physics Working Group Workshop (CMPWG-II), University of Florida, Gainesville - Florida (USA), 30 September - 3 October 2007.

12th Geant4 Collaboration Workshop, Hebden House, Hebden Bridge (UK), 13-19 September 2007.

Ecole Geant4 2007, Ministere de la Recherche et des Nouvelles Technologies, Paris (F), 4-8 June 2007.

Geant4 SLAC Tutorial, SLAC, Stanford (USA), 14-18 May 2007.

Geant4 Review 2007, CERN, Geneva (CH), 16-20 April 2007.

International Workshop on Monte Carlo codes & MCNEG 2007, NPL, Teddington (UK), 26-29 March 2007.

Geant4 Event Biasing and Scoring Mini-Workshop, SLAC, Stanford (USA), 19-23 March 2007.

The Japan Taiwan Symposium on Simulation in Medicine, KEK, Tsukuba (Japan), 12-15 December 2006.

Geant4-Spenvis Space Users' Workshop, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Pasadena, California (USA), 6-10 November 2006.

11th Geant4 Collaboration Workshop, LIP, Lisbon (Portugal), 9-14 October 2006.

Geant4 tutorial course, McGill University, Montreal (Canada), 25-28 September 2006.