Steering Board

The Steering Board is the decision body of Geant4, in charge of the following tasks:

  • Approve the plan-of-work of each year;
  • Approve the election of the spokesperson, deputy spokesperson, coordinators and deputy coordinators for each Working Group, as well as any additional representatives in the Steering Board;
  • Evaluate the requests for new members;
  • Set-up Task Forces dedicated to particular topics of interest;
  • Steer and monitor the periodical organization of Technical Forums, Collaboration Meetings, Schools and Tutorials, etc.

Steering Board meetings are held, on average, every two or three months, and minutes, both internal and public, are prepared after each meeting.

The Geant4 Steering Board consists of the spokesperson and the deputy, persons with special roles (e.g. release manager), representatives for each working group (coordinator, and depending on the working group membership, deputy and representatives).

Note: Names in parentheses are delegates for coordinators’ absence.

Role Name
Chair of SB and Spokesperson of Geant4 Marc Verderi
Deputy spokesperson of Geant4 Alberto Ribon
Chair Technical Forum Marilena Bandieramonte
Deputy Chair Technical Forum Bruce Faddegon
Release Manager Gabriele Cosmo
Oversight Board liason Makoto Asai
Working Group Coordinator Deputy and Representatives
Advanced Examples Susanna Guatelli Francesco Romano
Documentation Management Alexander Howard Anna Zaborowska
Electromagnetic Physics Vladimir Ivanchenko Mihaly Novak, Daren Sawkey, Sebastien Incerti, Luciano Pandola
Geometry and Transport John Apostolakis Gabriele Cosmo
Hadronic Physics Alberto Ribon Dennis Wright
User and Category Interfaces Koichi Murakami Hajime Yoshida
Novice and Extended Examples Ivana Hrivnacova Alexander Howard
Physics Lists and Validation Tools Gunter Folger Krzysztof Genser
Particles and Track Hisaya Kurashige Shogo Okada
Particles And Tracking Shogo Okada Hisaya Kurashige
Persistency Gabriele Cosmo Witold Pokorski
Generic Processes and Materials Marc Verderi Vladimir Ivanchenko
Run, Event and Detector Responses Makoto Asai Jonathan Madsen
Testing and Quality Assurance Soon Yung Jun Gunter Folger
Software Management Ben Morgan Gunter Folger
Tracking Takashi Sasaki Shogo Okada
Visualisation Laurent Garnier Joseph Perl

Public meeting minutes

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