2001 : Projects, milestones, things to do

Comparison projects

  • Atlas
  • Babar
  • Cms ?
  • ………

Developments in standard em

  • continuous development of Multiple Scattering
  • subcutoff d-rays for muons
  • re analysis and design of EnergyLoss/Ionisation ?
    for better compatibility between standard and lowe (mixture of processes)
  • Integral approach re evaluation ?
    provisionaly, create a new sbdirectory

Cut by logical volume

Analysis and design.

High Energy processes (above 100 TeV)

Evaluate the coherence of the current scheme. Reinforce the collaboration with Rostislav Kokoulin and Kellner. Research new expertise.

Plot of cross sections

Provide an equivalent of the command drmat in G3: standard way to plot crosssections, de/dx, etc..for all processes, including hadronic. More generally, provide a standard access to the relevant data of all processes. Use Analysis tool.


  • Physics reference manual
  • design documents
  • User guide

Interactive course of em physics