1) Validation and verification of EM physics as a first priority:

  • extension, systematization and atomization of the validation suite;
  • introducing histogram comparisons in the suite;
  • providing test for current XTR models against test beam data;
  • providing test for synchrotron radiation process;
  • providing web page for verification results.

2) Publications related to the Urban’s model of Multiple Scattering.

3) Further update of ionization processes:

  • spin and mass effects for pions, muons, kaons;
  • tuning and verification of corrections for hadron and ion ionization;
  • provide a possibility to plug in user data for stopping powers;
  • improve the kinematics of final state sampling of PAI models.

4) Develop a process of the elastic Coulomb scattering

5) Provide alternative msc processes for different particle types: e+,e-, muons, hadrons, and ions.

6) Review of the bremsstrahlung models including LPM effect.

7) Extend e+ annihilation to hadrons : add 3pi and K+K- production.

8) Introduce K-L shell X-rays in the photoElectric process.

9) Optical processes updates:

  • micro Facet Extension :
  • introduce virtual base class BoundaryMicrofacetModel;
  • include new LIP (Lisboa) micro facet model;
  • unified model extension :
  • allow a specular as well as diffuse component for the transmitted photon;
  • Fresnel Lens (LIP Lisboa) as a new advanced example;
  • attached Surfaces (the aim is succinctly model the optical transport in volumes with different optical treatments on different sides/faces);
  • extend the usage of optical processes to G4Boolean Solids