ELECTROMAGNETIC WORKING GROUP plan for 2008 =============================

(1) - June 2008 (2) - December 2008

1) Validation and verification of EM physics:

  • adding extra scattering comparisons (1);
  • adding Bragg peak comparisons (1);
  • adding tests on vertex detector simulation (1);
  • adding test on LPM effect (1);
  • adding tests on ion straggling (2);

2) Further update of ionization processes:

  • analysis and testing of Geant4 ionisation processes in ALICE TPC detector (in collaboration with ALICE experiment) (1);
  • simulation of fluctuations per particle type (2);
  • providing class for simulation of drift electrons in gaseous detectors (2).

3) Providing class for simulation of Birks effects in different media to be used optionally in G4Scintillation and in UserStepingAction (1);

4) Further development of the processes of multiple and single scattering:

  • muon multiple scattering model development (1);
  • hadron multiple scattering coherent with hadron diffuse model (2);
  • ion scattering model from Vanderbilt University integration (2).

5) Infrastructure update

  • introduce process sub-type (1);
  • introduce an option to use spline for Physics Vectors (1);
  • introduce cut in range for recoil (2);
  • introduce variable density (medical applications) (2);

6) Review of the bremsstrahlung models including LPM effect. (1)

7) Development of the bremsstrahlung and e+e- pair production processes and models for pions and protons. (1)

8) Cerenkov process:

  • limit the step in G4Cerenkov when the particle drops below the Cerenkov threshold. (2)

9) Further development of the polarized processes

  • implementation spin precession in magnetic field (using Stokes vectors representation) (2);
  • continue validation of polarized processes (2);
  • extend list of examples (2).

10) Further development of optical photon physics

  • a new extended/optical example to exhibit transmission properties of optical fibers with circular and elliptical cross section (1);
  • analysis and testing of Geant4 optical processes in PbWO4 crystals (in collaboration with CMS and ALICE experiments) (1);
  • analysis and testing of Geant4 optical processes in ALICE RICH detector (in collaboration with ALICE experiment) (2);
  • include Mie scattering as a new optical photon physics process (2);
  • implement extension to the UNIFIED surface model to have both specular and diffuse components for the transmitted photon (2);
  • implement a more flexible micro facet sampling method for optical surfaces (2);
  • model the optical transport in a volume that has different optical treatments on different sides (2).

11) Introduce K-L shell X-rays in the photoelectric process. (2)

12) Wish list for new developments, which not yet agreed or manpower is not identified:

  • Physics Lists for medical and space users;
  • development on a variant of cross section biasing;
  • access to cross sections and mean free path;
  • unification of method names;
  • fixing problems for interactive activate/inactivate options;
  • design on EM model configurator;
  • review of density effect parameterisation;
  • extend e+ annihilation to hadrons : add 3pi and K+K- production.