2021 Milestones

                plan of activity for 2021

(1)  - June 2021
(2)  - December 2021

1) Infrastructure and general support for EM physics

  •  perform regular execution and regression analysis using existing testing suites (1/2)
  •  migrate EM libraries to C++17 (1)
  •  remove obsolete interfaces and classes, improve public interfaces (1)
  •  introduce gamma linear polarisation option to HEP and low-energy EM physics configuration (1/2)


2) R\&D for EM physics

  •  evaluation and extension of General process approach (1)
  •  evaluation of G4HepEm project and adopt it for Geant4, addition of multiple scattering and gamma processes (1/2)
  •  provide support for R\&D targeting GPU (1/2)
  •  extended dark matter particle interactions (1/2)


3) Developments for HEP applications:

  •  review model for sampling fluctuations of e+-, consider an alternative model (1/2)
  •  improve Urban  model of fluctuations (1)
  •  evaluate new ion ionisation models for moderate and high energies providing ICRU73 and ICRU90 data driven model at low energy and a smooth transition to the Linhard-Sorensen  model at high energy (2)
  •  evaluate new ion energy fluctuations model (2)
  •  introduce bremsstrahlung on atomic electrons at high and moderate energies with triplet production (2)
  •  addition of tau pair production by positrons (2)
  •  extend energy limit for positron annihilation to hadrons (1/2)
  •  extended validation of HGCal example and integration to geant-val (1/2)


4) Updates of low-energy EM models:

  • introduce full set of models based on EPICS2017 (2)
  • deployment of new model of the three gamma annihilation (2)
  • provide very low-energy photoelectric effect model (2)
  • introduce simulation of photon entanglement (1/2)
  • introduce discrete Gold ionisation models (1)
  • introduce ANSTO data libraries and cross sections (1/2)
  • validation of PIXE cross sections versus data for protons, alpha, and carbon ions (1/2)
  • review and extend MicroElec models (1/2)


5) G4-Med developments:

  •  integration of DNA Physics Lists in some geant-val tests (1)
  •  introduce extra tests to geant-val (radioactive decay, nuclear medicine, x-ray radiotherapy) (1/2)
  •  add a new radio-biology extended example (2)


6) Optical photon and X-ray physics:

  • Include a selection of optical material properties in the Geant4 distribution (2)
  • Cache material property values in optical processes (1)
  • Clean the user interface to the material property tables (1)
  • full integration of the Opticks package (2)
  • Provide a new extended example which will use Opticks and GPU (2)


7) DNA physics and chemistry developments:

  •  DNA physics model technical improvements (1)
  • Clean-up and reorganisation of the DNA Physics Lists and combination of standard EM physics with DNA physics (2)
  •  validation of CPA100 models for adenine, guanine, cytasine, thymine (1)
  •  electron CPA100 models for dexoribose and phosphate (2)
  •  extension of relativistic electron ionisation model up to 10 MeV (2)
  •  extension of proton ionisation model above 100 MeV (1/2)
  •  implementation of N2 and C3H8 gas cross-sections for electrons down to 10 eV (1/2)
  •  pre-chemical stage and DNA damage chain (1/2)
  •  provide family of Gillespie models (2)
  •  extension of Geant4-DNA to FLASH radiotherapy, including novel chemistry approach (1/2)
  •  develop transport of chemical ions in magnetic field (1/2)