Geometry Work Plan for 2002

Version 1.0

NOTE: Any dates assigned to items are to be considered just indicative.
- Items marked with refer to new developments.
- Items marked with will involve new man-power or contribution from external sources interested in the project.
- Items marked with will require coordination with more than one Working Group.
- Items marked with (*) may or may not be achieved.

  1. GDML binding:
    • Consolidate implementation of XML browser
      by March 25th
    • Identify areas of binding with Geant4 (CAD/STEP)
      by June 30th
    • Persistency (detector description)
      by April 15th
    • Implementation of import module for GGE and GBuilder
      by October 31st
  2. Solids:
    • BREPS testing: specific shapes and advanced constructs
      by June 30th
    • Twisted trapezoid shape
      by June 30th (design iteration)
  3. Importance Biasing by volume:
    • Produce use-cases, requirements specification document
      by March 31st
    • Design and implementation
      Beta release by March 31st, final implementation by April 30th
  4. Cuts by region biasing:
    • Produce use-cases, requirements specification document, design
      by March 31st
    • Implementation of cuts by region technique
      by November 30th
  5. Parameterised 3D voxelisation:
    • 3D voxelisation technique for parameterised volumes
      by April 30th
  6. General code review and improvements:
    • Implement coherent mechanism for dumping solids/volumes
      by October 15th
    • Code cleanup and check for code duplication
      by September 30th
    • Optional optimisation of geometry by logical volumes
      by April 15th
    • Automatic detection of forbidden or illegal geometry constructions
      by September 30th
  7. Reflection of solids/volumes:
    • Revision of CalculateExtent() for G4ReflectedSolid
      by March 31st
    • Revision of generic CalculateExtent()
      by May 31st
  8. Abstract navigator and transportation:
    • G4Navigator & G4Transportation design iteration
      by September 30th
  9. Magnetic field & propagation:
    • Use of safety in G4PropagatorInField and G4ChordFinder. Review of ComputeSafety()
      by June 30th
    • Gather new requirements from accelerator physics
      by June 30th
  10. URD revision:
    • New detailed URD document
      by August 31st
  • Software Process Improvement
    • Traceability:
    • Generate map of unit tests classes/functionalities use cases
    • Generate map of system tests use cases
  • Routine activities
    • Testing suite for solids (CSG/specific/Boolean/BREPS)
    • Extend SBT/Fred to all solids, possible improvement in the area of graphics/GUI
    • Improve testing and documentation

(1) First semester
(2) Second semester

Created: 31 January 2002
Modified: 15 March 2002