Geometry Work Plan for 2005

Version 1.1

NOTE: Any dates assigned to items are to be considered just indicative.
- Items marked with refer to new developments.
- Items marked with will involve new man-power or contribution from external sources interested in the project.
- Items marked with will require coordination with more than one Working Group.
- Items marked with (*) may or may not be achieved.

  1. Solids and volumes:
    • Generic twisted trapezoid shape
      by March 31st, 2005

      Extend existing implementation of the ‘twisted trapezoid’ shape to support solids with different parallel trapezoidal caps.

    • New specific ellipsoid shape
      by September 30th, 2005

      Implement a new specific solid with elliptical cross-section.

    • Tunable tolerance
      by September 30th, 2005

      Provide possibility of optionally setting tolerance for surface thickness and intersection calculation.
      Implement mechanism for automatic evaluation of the tolerance according to the geometry topology.

    • Mixing of placements and parameterised volumes
      by July 31st, 2005

      Introduce possibility of mixing parameterized volumes with placements as daughters in a mother volume.

    • Generic BREP solid with flat surfaces prototype
      by May 15th, 2005

      Feasibility study and prototype implementation of a generic tessellated BREP shape constructed from ‘polygon’ decomposition of surfaces.

  2. Navigation & optimisation:
    • Parallel navigator prototype
      by June 30th, 2005

      First prototype implementation of a ‘double’ navigator allowing for tracking in a parallel geometry, for potential use in biasing, tallying/scoring, readout and fast parameterisation.

    • Smart optimisation for dynamic geometries
      by June 30th, 2005

      Extend geometry optimization technique to consider localised voxelisation of part of the geometry setup to improve initialisation time for geometry setups which get dynamically modified between runs.

    • Optimised navigation for voxelised phantom geometries
      by October 31st, 2005

      Allow for simplified intersection calculation applicable to regular geometrical structures defined through replicated voxels (boxes).

  3. Tallies:
    • Utility class for calculating flux and doses (tallies)
      by April 30th, 2005

      Implement a ‘utility’ class for allowing easy setup and UI commands for performing basic tallies in user’s applications.

  4. Magnetic field & propagation:
    • Field performance evaluation and tuning/benchmark
      by May 31st, 2005

      Complete study on electromagnetic-field tuning of parameters and algorithms used for stepping and integration.

    • Bias of field propagation on volume intersections
      by June 30th, 2005

      Verify effects of tuning of the field for precision and performance when using the helical stepper.

    • Visualization of field lines in kernel
      by October 31st, 2005
  5. Robustness checking & performance tuning:
    • Full application tuning (benchmark suite) with field
      by June 30th, 2005

      Deploy a benchmark suite to system testing based on a real case application to monitor effects of code changes in the performance in every new development release.

    • Robustness tests for solids
      by October 31st, 2005

      Implement and systematically run robustness testing (by improving and using the existing testing tools) on solids, to identify cracks in specific configurations.

    • Tests on tiny volume ovelaps & coincident surfaces
      by October 31st, 2005

      Verify behavior of navigation and tracking in cases of tiny volume overlaps (order of microns) and coincident surfaces of placed volumes.

    • Increase of testing coverage
      by October 31st, 2005

      Continue providing more test-cases to improve coverage of use-cases, following the existing matrix of traceability.

  6. General code review and improvements:
    • Review of normals for CGS and specific solids
      by May 31st, 2005

      Verify implementation of SurfaceNormal() for CSG and specific solids and their boolean combinations. Study effects of a new implementation based on verteces.

    • Review of 2nd order equations for tube & cone
      by October 31st, 2005

      Verify correctness of implemented algorithm and response for the required precision in G4Tubs and G4Cons.

    • Review of field user classes
      by May 31st, 2005

      Improve existing implementation to allow easier and more intuitive API to users for tuning performance and field response.

    • Code review for BREP specific solids
      by October 31st, 2005

      Review implementation of concrete BREP solids to reduce code duplication and make better use of existing infrastructure.

  • Routine activities
    • Extend testing suite for solids (CSG/specific/Boolean/BREPS)
    • Review of user documentation

(1) First semester
(2) Second semester

Created: 27 January 2005
Modified: 5 February 2005