Version 1.0

Novice examples

  1. Revision of the features (scenarios) demonstrated in the current novice examples and the features actually missing
    First version - end of March
    Next iterations - end of April

  2. Reclassification of the features: Keep, Move to extended, Remove, Add
    mid of May

  3. Redesigning and re-implementing the examples according to the new classification. (This should result in a reduced number of the novice examples with simpler classes well understandable by novice users.)
    end of June

Extended examples

  1. Create the shared directory and the first (basic) shared classes
    end of April

  2. Create the features directory and let each category coordinator to define the features related to his category which should be demonstrated
    end of June

  3. Reclassify the existing examples according to demonstrated features, remove all the code non relevant to a demonstrated feature and replace it with use of an appropriate class from the shared library
    mid of November

  4. Remove the obsolete examples
    mid of November

  5. Add new features not yet demonstrated
    mid of November


  • Define guidelines for code writing
    end of April

*Items marked with refer to WG core developers.
Items marked with refer to other WG coordinators
Items marked with refer to dedicated persons

Created: 31 March 2011
Last modified: 20 April 2011, by Ivana Hrivnacova