Work Plan for 2013

Version 1.1

  • Continue in applying coding guidelines:
  • Review the status and update the table on the Wiki page
  • Progress with the examples not yet completed (1,2)

  • Migration to MT
  • Identify the examples which should be migrated (1,2)
  • Migration of selected examples with help of MT team

  • Migration to g4tools (1,2)

  • Continue in the code review:
  • Apply the reviewer recommendations in the examples already reviewed (electromagnetic, Hadr01, Hadr02) (1,2)
  • Call for new reviewers (in the whole collaboration)
  • Proceed with new reviews (1,2)

  • Complete removal of novice examples (N01, N02, N03)

(1) First semester
(2) Second semester

Items marked with
refer to WG core developers.
refer to WG members, example owners
refer to all volunteering G4 members

Created: 04 February 2013
Last modified: 22 February 2013, by Ivana Hrivnacova