Work Plan for 2024

Novice & Extended Examples Working Group

Work Plan for 2024

Version 1.0

  • New examples:

    • Biasing:
      • Demonstration of generic biasing functionalities (DXTRAN, charged particle biasing, at rest biasing) if implementation of functionalities is achieved
    • Parameterisation:
      • gflash example for sampling calorimeter (all existing examples show usage in homogeneous media) finalization
    • RunAndEvent:
      • example for sub-event parallelism
      • examples for probe scorer
  • Existing examples improvements:

    • Biasing category:
      • Merging/deprecation of the example duplication with generic biasinguse case.
    • Parameterisation:
      • Modernization of the extended parameterisation examples
    • Medical/dna:
      • icsd, dnadamage, clustering: updates and improvements example
      • molecularDNA:
        • Development and validation with protons and He4 ions - Milos D.
        • Extension of the example (Sebastian)
        • Independent validation of the application and optimization (Wook-Geun)
  • Common tasks:

    • clang-tidy checks on selected extended examples categories:
      • biasing
    • Coding guidelines:
      • Review the status and open a GitLab issue with the violations
    • Existing examples maintenance