Workplan 2014

Work Plan for 2014

Ongoing activities

  • Documentation of physics lists(~All)
  • Release, candidate and reference tag testing for physics performance on Grid (Alberto, George, Witold)
  • Physics Validation and Grid (Kihyeon, Soonwook, Sang Wan)

Development Items

  • Documentation of physics lists (Kelsey,Yarba, …)
  • Borrow from Dennis’ tutorial presentation, pull into App Guide
  • produce graphs showing overlap of models (currently done by hand), very useful as a simple graph for new users (Andrea)
  • utilize hadronic “dump-HTML” interface to document content; more detail needed, e.g. for de-excitation, etc. (Gunter)
    • Can we add something at the PhysicsList base level to do the iteration/call through to generate everything? How do we avoid all the replication?
  • Improvements for DNA and EM (Luciano, Mathieu, Sebastien, Vladimir)
  • new Geant4-DNA physics list for chemistry (G4 10.1)
  • verification of G4EmDNAPhysics_option1 constructor (G4 10.1)
  • upgrade of G4EmDNAPhysics constructor with models for other materials (G4 10.1)
  • upgrade G4LowEPPhyiscs as experimental PL for new low-energy models (G4 10.1)
  • upgrade of G4EmStandardPhysics_option4 (G4 10.1)
  • Development of physics list (with options?) for intensity frontier experiments
  • May be more than one list needed for different applications
  • Is “LBE” or “DMX” list from examples a potential starting point?
  • Revision of elastic scattering treatment in physics lists
  • Enable of muon-nuclear interactions in physics lists
  • cleanup G4EmExtraPhysics (G4 10.1) (Vladimir?)
  • Investigation of calorimeter effects of Bertini/Binary rescattering, and Bertini + Precompound
  • Deploy new tools for testing of physics performance on Grid into regular running(George, Alberto, Witek)
  • Improvement of tools for physics validation (Andrea, Hans)
  • Verify all physics lists are compatible with MT (continous effort)
  • Implement a way to delete in MT builders from constructors (by the end of the year)
  • Verify / fix factory mechansim for MT (be the end of the year) - Talk with Witek
  • Automatic regression testing: define strategy for storage of reference files (Davide, Gunter, Andrea)

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