Workplan 2015

Work Plan for 2015

Ongoing activities

  • Documentation of physics lists(~All)
  • Release, candidate and reference tag testing for physics performance on Grid (Alberto, George, Witold)
  • Physics Validation and Grid (Kihyeon, Soonwook, Sang Wan)

Development Items

  • Physics lists factories
  • Resolve issues with new user extensible factory G4alt::G4PhysListFactory (Robert H.)
  • Evaulate merging existing factory G4GenericPhysicsList and new G4alt::G4PhysListFactory (Robert H.)
    • For now, keep existing G4PhysListFactory
  • implement standalone PLFactory tests in test38 - (Robert H.)
  • Implement a way to delete in MT builders from constructors (by the end of the year) (Andrea)
  • Investigation of calorimeter effects of Bertini/Binary rescattering, and Bertini + Precompound(Alberto, Kelsey)
  • Check: Verify / fix factory mechansim for MT (be the end of the year) - Talk with Witek (Andrea)
  • Documentation
  • produce graphs showing overlap of models (currently done by hand), very useful as a simple graph for new users (Andrea)
  • finalize hadronic “dump-HTML” interface to document content (Gunter with physics developers)
  • compose inventory of existing web-based documentation on physics lists(manuals, web pages, etc.) (Julia)
  • start planning how to consolidate web-based documentation (Julia, Gunter)
  • Develop regression testing for main physics models with upload of results to Database (Andrea, Hans, Julia)
  • Validation Database and web application
  • improve navigation and search functions (Hans with feedback from collaboration)
  • extend set of experimental data used in validation, allow to combine compatible data sets (Hans, with feedback on datasets in use)
  • simplify upload of histograms (from simulation) (Hans and Andrea)
  • phase out the old JSP based web pages. (Hans)
  • help to select definition of default selection (Hans)
  • add expert pages as in the legacy application(Hans)

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