Celeritas - Exascale particle transport prototype

R&D task number: G4RD12


The objective of this work is to leverage GPU-accelerated, Monte Carlo (MC) transport components developed in the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) ExaSMR project to enable particle event simulations on advanced accelerator architectures to satisfy HEP programmatic needs for detector response in particle physics experiments. While Geant4 is a toolkit capable of addressing different modeling and simulation problems and contains many features and capabilities allowing for user access to detailed information for a large variety of use cases and scientific communities, this GPU development might turn into specialized transport modules, stripped of some features which would be expensive to implement or support efficiently on GPUs.

Plan and deliverables

Following on the foot steps of the Geant Exascale Pilot (GeantX), we will develop a new GPU-accelerated application library, Celeritas, that is capable of performing event-based simulations for LHC detectors (e.g. CMS, ALICE, ATLAS, or other configurations) leveraging GPU resources. This application will provide the groundwork for libraries that are highly optimized for advanced accelerator architectures and might form the backbone of HPC over the next decade. While Celeritas will utilize both ExaSMR and Geant-related architectural components, it will be specific designed for HEP experiments.

Lead and main developers: Tom Evans, Philippe Canal, Seth Johnson, Soon Jun, Guilherme Lima, Stefano Tognini

Repository: https://github.com/celeritas-project/celeritas