Workplan 2009

Work Plan for 2009 - Draft

Ongoing activities

  1. Regular testing new tags: Selections of tags to test, checking results, informing developers (Gunter)
  2. Release testing using valgrind (Gabriele)
  3. Release testing for physics performance on Grid ( Alberto, *)


  1. testing based on SPI-nightly build and test system (Q1)

Complete or correct setup for new systems (Mac, Windows, SLC5)

Improve presentation of results

Add missing information on configuration to log files, i.e. set tags tested.

Add possibility to build and test multiple configurations (Q1 / Q2)

  • Enable large-N runs
  • enable testing for patch release (Q1)

Study possibility to automatically generate traceback in case of crash

Automation of CPU performance measurements based on benchmarks suite to monthly development releases (*)

Note: Work items marked with (*) are lacking manpower. cvs version info: $Id: 2009.shtml,v 1.4 2009/01/27 09:23:50 gunter Exp $