Workplan 2012

Work Plan for 2012

Ongoing activities

  • Oversee testing shifts (Gunter, ?)
  • Release testing using valgrind (Gabriele)
  • Release, candidate and reference tag testing for physics performance on Grid (Andrea, Alberto)
  • Regular CPU and memory performance tests and monitoring ( Soon Jun)


Improve and enhance “testing shifts”

  • Improve documentation on tools and process in use
  • include CTest/CDash testing into shifts

Enhance integration testing

  • Provide. complete or correct set-up for new systems/compilers (Windows 7, VC 10, SLC6, ?)(Gunter)
  • Bring prototype of CTest/CDash setup to production (Pere, Gunter)
  • Evaluate how to integrate memory checks, e.g. using valgrind runs, into integration testing (Gunter)
  • Automate the running of the integration tests whenever a new tag is proposed and inform the tag submitter in case of errors (Pere, Gunter)
  • Evaluate Electric Commander for scheduling and monitoring the continuous and nightly integration tests (Victor)

  • Study possibility to generate trace-back in case of crash of a test (Gunter)

Improve automation of CPU performance measurements based on benchmarks suites (Soon, Mark)

  • improve CPU summary plots and tables: add time trend (ratio) and statistical error.
  • provide a summary of IgProf analysis and document the procedure
  • migrate and stabilize the current protocol on the new batch system at FNAL for a long term
  • study other performance tools

Encourage the collaboration to provide more tests and more rigorous tests, e.g. tests that systematically check conservation laws (All)

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