Workplan 2013

Work Plan for 2013

Ongoing activities

  • Oversee testing shifts (Gunter, ?)
  • Release testing using valgrind (Gabriele)
  • Release, candidate and reference tag testing for physics performance on Grid (Alberto, George, Witold)
  • Regular profiling benchmarking of G4 development and public releases ( Soon, Krzysztof)


  • Improve and enhance “testing shifts”
  • Improve documentation on tools and process in use(Gunter, shifters)

  • Enhance integration testing
  • Evaluate how to integrate memory checks, e.g. using valgrind runs, into integration testing (Gunter)
  • Study possibility to generate trace-back in case of crash of a test (Gunter)
  • Add setups testing for memory errors, energy conservation checks enabled (Gunter)

  • Add testing of multithreaded G4
  • Create one or more tests that check whether new developments are MT compatible. Based on “tracer” tool from Xin(Andrea + …)
  • Create a test that checks if new static/global variables area added. Based on “modified GCC parser” from Xin(Andrea + …)
  • Create a setup to test Geant4 in multithreaded mode.(Gunter + …)
  • Incorporate G4MT in Regular profiling benchmarking of G4 development and public releases (Soon, Krzysztof)

  • In collaboration with US Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) institutions, conduct studies to measure and improve Geant4 computing performance, including multithreaded applications (Daniel,Soon,Krzysztof,Philippe).

  • Improve automation of CPU performance measurements based on benchmarks suites (Soon, Mark)
  • perform regular CPU and memory performance monitoring and profiling for new releases of Geant4 or Geant4MT (single threaded mode)
  • study new performance tools and libraries for multithreaded Geant4 applications
  • look for more opportunities for geant4 performance analysis and tuning

  • Improvement and generalization of the testing for physics performance on Grid (George)

  • Encourage the collaboration to provide more tests and more rigorous tests, e.g. tests that systematically check conservation laws (All)

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