Workplan 2014

Work Plan for 2014

Ongoing activities

  • Oversee testing shifts (Gunter, ?)
  • Release testing using valgrind (Gabriele)
  • Perform regular profiling benchmarking of G4 development and public releases for both sequential and multithreaded mode (Soon, Krzysztof)


Improve and enhance “testing shifts”

  • Improve documentation on tools and process in use(Gunter, shifters)

Enhance integration testing

  • Complete integration checking for memory errors using valgrind runs into integration testing (Gunter)
  • Study possibility to generate trace-back in case of crash of a test (Gunter)
  • Evaluate how to provide physics reference files in nightly testing and implement the solution. (Gunter, Andrea, …)

Improve testing of multithreaded G4

  • Evaluate thread-safety checkers tools
  • Choose a tool to create a test checking for thread safety, including a check for new globals/statics (Andrea + …)
  • Evaluate G4 performance for MT on different architectures (Andrea)
  • Measure memory consumption in MT and identify strategies for memory consumption reduction in MT (Andrea)

In collaboration with US Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) institutions, conduct studies to measure and improve Geant4 computing performance:

  • review hadronic cross section calculation
  • finalize the review of the standard EM physics codes


Document past and current code reviews, and list opportunities for future reviews(Krzysztof, Soon).

Extend CPU performance measurements on different computer architectures and programing models

  • benchmark Geant4/MT applications on Intel Xeon/Phi(MIC) (Soon)
  • develop TBB applications on MIC (both offload and native mode) (Soon)

Migrate nightly testing from Electric Commander to Jenkins (Gunter, ..)

Continue to encourage the collaboration to provide more tests and more rigorous tests, e.g. tests that systematically check conservation laws (All)

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