Workplan 2016

Work Plan for 2016

Ongoing regular activities

  • Oversee testing shifts (Gunter)
  • Release management and Q/A monitoring with Valgrind and Coverity (Gabriele)
  • Perform regular profiling benchmarking of G4 development and public releases (Soon, Krzysztof, Andrea)
  • Grid testing, Reproducibility tests (Alberto, Dmitri)

Support, Maintenance and Developments

  • System testing shifts
  • Maintain and support integration testing (Gunter)

  • Release testing
  • General testing/debugging of problems showing up especially during the release periods or development releases (Gabriele)
  • Q/A monitoring with Valgrind and Coverity(Gabriele)
  • Grid testing with simplified calorimeters: running, maintaining, migration (Dmitri, Alberto)
  • Reproducibility tests (Alberto)

  • Performance profiling and benchmarking
  • Regular profiling/benchmarking of Geant4 development and public releases, maintenance and evolution of the profiling infrastructure (Soon,Krzysztof, Daniel)
  • Extending CPU performance measurements to different computer architectures and programming models (Soon, Krzysztof, Daniel)
  • Performing studies of existing profilers in order to select the one most suitable for profiling multithreaded applications; Defining a set of observables (hardware counters) to evaluate computing performance of multithreaded applications Interfacing the selected profiler to the existing profiling framework for both sequential and multithreaded applications (replacement of FAST) (Soon,Krzysztof,Daniel)
  • Consulting on the use of performance tools and interpretation of the results as well as evaluating the performance gain of various code improvements/ideas (Canal)

  • Continue support of ctest infrastructure at SLAC: possible extension to ARM for ctest (Andrea)

  • In collaboration with Novice & Extended Example WG: provide general classes to automatically monitor steps/tracks/etc in Geant4 kernel (Andrea)

  • Medical Physics profiling follow-up (Kiheyon)

  • Continue to encourage the collaboration to provide more tests and more rigorous tests (All)

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