Advanced Example iort_therapy


Responsible Geant4 Collaborator: Francesco Romano, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di Catania, Via S. Sofia 64, Catania, Italy.

Contributors: Susanna Guatelli, Centre For Medical Radiation Physics (CMRP), University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Past developers: G.Russo(a,b), C.Casarino, G.C. Candiano, G.A.P. Cirrone(c), G.Arnetta, S.E.Mazzaglia (a) Fondazione Istituto San Raffaele G.Giglio, Contrada Pietra Pollastra Pisciotto, 90015 Cefal├╣ (Palermo), Italy (b) Institute for molecular bio-imaging and physiology (IBFM), National Research Council (CNR), Via F.lli Cervi 93, 20090 Segrate (Milano), Italy (c) Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Laboratori Nazionali del Sud,via S.Sofia 62, 95123 Catania, Italy;

Short description

iort_therapy is specifically developed to address typical needs related to the IntraOperative Radio-Therapy (IORT) technique. This technique delivers a single dose of radiation directly to the tumor target during surgery. The idea of iort_therapy is to provide a useful tool for Geant4 Users interested to radiation dosimetry, dose planning and radio-protection studies in IORT. In fact, the application allows to reconstruct dose distribution curves in water or other materials, to plan dose distribution in the tumor treatment region with different clinical set-up, and to optimize radio-protection of normal patient tissues simulating a composite metallic shielding disc. iort_therapy reproduces the collimator beam line system of a typical medical mobile linac, the phantom, the detector and the composite metallic shielding disc. Via external macro commands it is possible to change the physic models, the collimator beam line, the phantom, the detector and shielding disc geometries, the visualization, the beam particle characteristics, and to activate the Graphical Users Interface (QT libraries are requested).

A complete documentation of iort_therapy can be found in the README file. Last updated: 17/02/2022 by S. Guatelli