Minutes SB 51, December 9th 2008 v.1.0


Participants: M.Asai, H.Kurasige, P.Gumplinger, G.Cosmo, G.Folger,

S.Banijeree, V.Ivantchenko (until 9:30), J.Apostolakis, M.Verderi,

G.Cuttone, D.Wright, S.Incerti, J.Perl, T.Sasaki.

Minutes: G.Cosmo (9-DEC-2008)


41.2 - no news

42.3 - no news

44.1 - not yet discussed; people from space community willing to donate data

in G4NDL format.

44.2 - no news

44.3 - contacted but no news… closed

44.4 - Done. Close

45.2 - No news

46.1 - Done. Closed

46.3 - Not done yet.

47.1 - No news

47.3 - 66% done, one at 80% to be closed.

48.3 - Coupled to the US-Geant4 funding proposal. To be closed.

48.4 - Done, added to future plans for hadronics. Closed.

48.5 - Done. Closed.

49.1 - Resolved. Closed.

49.2 - Done. Closed.

49.3 - List of items ready, not clear for the fundings (more clear as of April 2009)

49.4 - Exists but not yet available from the pages

49.5 - Not done yet, planning for release 9.2.

Delta Review

John resumes the discussion done in the preparation meeting (impossible to

summarise it here, JA has the summary…). All agree in silence.

- First draft of “join-EM” web page

- Rec.3 (tradeoff between physics accuracy and speed): missing a benchmark for

EM low-energy.

- Rec.4 (guidance on choice of EM models): …

- Rec.5 (single EM package): a lot of progress …

- Rec.6 (Fluka interface): contacted Fluka people, no change from their side. ILC

seems to have given up on their request, too difficult and no manpower…

G.Cuttone proposes to discuss with Fluka people (ACTION-1).

- Rec.7 (plans, improvement to hadronics): …

- Rec.8 (simple hadronic benchmarks): give a comprehensive view of what we

have already for hadronics in the existing testing suite. Make it available from

the web (ACTION-2).

- Rec.9

- Rec.10

- Rec.11

- Rec.12 (performance optimization guide): two presentations exist. No physics or

too scattered information. Start to put together a Twiki page which summarises

everything, with a plan for having in the official documentation by May 2009.


- Rec.13 (turning off irrelevant processes):…

- Rec.14 (guidance on variance reduction techniques): resource limited, could put

together a simple page of information, eventually link it to the performance Twiki:

importance biasing, cross-section biasing, leading-particle biasing, …

JA volunteer to summarise the different techniques existing starting from Alex

Howard presentation at Hebden-Bridge. (ACTION-4)

- Rec.15 (systematic tracking of code performance): ACTION-5 - identify responsible

in each Category for running benchmarks and provide progress every other


- Rec.16

- Rec.17 (plans for performance): …

- Rec.18

- Rec.19 (benchmarking against other MC codes): systematically ? Perhaps it make

sense to compare to other MCs where there is no data available…

- Rec.20

- Rec.21

- Rec.23 (web update): JA take over responsibility for this (no longer Katsuya).

There has been improvements. Should avoid duplication. Up-to-date publications

lists made available in WG pages should be linked from a single source.

- Rec.24 (documenting limitation of physics models): …

- Rec.25 (code documentation, LXR): LXR is OK. SRM will be kept as mean for

commenting code and define a policy. In addition we should add a link to the

existing Doxygen docs.

- Rec.26 (Release notes): progress made.

- Rec.27 (Installation, RPM): …

- Rec.28 (Wiki): …

- Rec.29 (user-driven physics lists): some examples in the past of commitment

taken by the Collaboration can be used as response for a positive answer on a

case-by-case approach, based on resources to be found for maintenance.

JA takes this on board.

- Rec.30 (man power consistent with plans): …

- Rec.31 (additional man power): …

Release 9.2

- Bug in G4SteppingManager proposed by Makoto for release 9.2.

- Livermore-based extensions are not included in release 9.2, delayed by

developers, eventually available in the first half of 2009.

Plans for 2009 and beyond

- ACTION-6 (JA): Organise phone meeting (10-12 January) to discuss proposals.

- Identify required man power for long-term planning in order to address major

development items.

- Need to understand shortly how to prepare the long-term plans, web pages

are preferred.

Meeting closed at 11:00.

Meeting Date

Tuesday, December 9, 2008 - 12:00