Minutes of the Geant4 Steering Board meeting 61,

8 October 2010,

Noordwijk Collaboration Meeting.

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Attending: John Apostolakis, Makoto Asai, Gabriele Cosmo, Vladimir Ivanchenko, Gunter Folger (remote), Koichi Murakami, Takashi Sasaki, Hisaya Kurashige, Andreas Morsch (remote), Marc Verderi, Michel Maire, Sebastien Incerti, Joseph Perl, Sunanda Banerjee, Peter Gumplinger

Excuses: Christina Zacharatou

1. Regular items :

a. Reviewed pending actions as of September 2010 :

b. Details on most important follow-up of actions :

i. Migration to SVN of Geant4 source repository

  1. Gunter reports that an alternative to the lack of sticky tags has been found. He also reports that tagging is fast (2 seconds for the source directory).

  2. Beyond this, the evaluation of SVN leads to recognize significant advantages compared to CVS.

  3. The migration to SVN for the source repository is agreed.

ii. Acceptance of Geant4 license agreement by collaborators

  1. It is proposed to create a lock-out of the source repository, and ensure that only collaborators who agree to the Geant4 license are granted access to the Source repository

  2. Migration to SVN looks to be a good opportunity to implement such a lock/acknowledgment tool.

  3. The lock system should apply only for the first access to the new SVN repository enforcing the acknowledgement of the Geant4 regulations and license terms.

  4. In addition, it is proposed that new collaborators are informed about key documents: i.e. the ones linked from the ‘Legal’ section of the Collaboration page.

  5. It is proposed that informing about these documents is of the responsibility of the member who proposed these new collaborators.

iii. SB members are warmly invited to review the draft Editor Guidelines.

2. 9.4 release :

a. Report on at-risk deliverables for release 9.4

i. Category coordinators should notify Gabriele of items which will miss the release and is not marked at risk (no “*”).

3. Architecture revision :

a. The draft report of Architecture Review has been circulated the week of this SB meeting.

b. Regarding the final report, rather than a single document, that would take time to be delivered given the number and the variety of items, it is expected to have staged set of revisions and/or partial self-contained deliveries.

c. H.Kurashige and the Architecture Team will identify priority items for revision, including potential items for the 2011 work plan with first estimate of resources, and will report to the Steering Board.

4. Revised spokesperson election process :

a. The revised election process has been previously approved by e-mail, except for the issue regarding the publicity of the tally.

b. It is proposed and accepted that the SB and the EMT will decide before the next election process start, and in consultation with the candidates, whether the tally will be public.

5. Publications :

a. Discussion on proposed prototype systems

b. Proposal for practice talks on fall 2010 conferences (SNA+MC2010, CHEP2010, IEEE NSS 2010)

i. The Publication Board will organize the practice talks for the fall conferences.

6. Improving credibility / collaboration-wide effort :

a. Requirements tracking system:

i. K.Murakami will investigate and propose a prototype for a ‘requirements tracking system’, based on a suitable tool.

ii. KEK offers to pay for cost in case of commercial product.

b. Unattended Bugzilla report / Hypernews posting

i. Bugzilla
it is agreed to activate an every-week reminder for new and open bug reports

ii. Hypernews :

  1. The discussion is to be continued, items left unanswered :

a. It this ok to left posting unanswered when showing no reading of basic guides?

b. What to do with sensitive e-mail addresses and generic e-mail addresses with no insight of origin?

iii. Sharing system testing load / duty:

  1. It is agreed to implement a ‘shift system’ to share the load of the system testing.

7. AOB :

a. Conditions for importing an alternative PIXE code proposed by MG Pia was discussed.

Meeting Date

Friday, October 8, 2010 - 12:00