Public minutes of the Geant4 Steering Board meeting 64

12th April 2011

Attending: Makoto Asai, Takashi Sasaki, Gabriele Cosmo, Andrea Dotti, Daniel Elvira, Peter Gumplinger, Hisaya Kurashige, Michel Maire, Gunter Folger, Ivana Hrivnacova, Dennis Wright, Vladimir Ivantchenko, Koichi Murakami, Francesco Romano (representing Pablo), Marc Verderi

Excused: Joseph Perl, John Allison, Pablo Cirrone

1. Regular items

a. Approval of minutes of SB meeting of February 3rd, 2011

Minutes are approved.

b. Reviewed pending actions from February 2011

2. 2011 development plans

a. Collaboration-wide development

The Collaboration-wide development plan has been presented at the March Technical Forum.

The tasks responsible are as follows:

i. Multi-threaded prototype: Makoto Asai

ii. Variable density material : Vladimir Ivanchenko

iii. Easiness in process interface: Hisaya Kurashige

iv. Layered mass geometry: Makoto Asai

v. Event biasing: Marc Verderi

vi. Reorganization of N\&E examples: Ivana Hrivnacova

vii. Unifying warning/error messages: Makoto Asai, Koichi Murakami

b. WG development plans

The detailed plan can be found at:



Further details regarding work item on physics-lists will be added.

A plan to introduce forced interaction as a biasing option will be proposed as well.

The plan for the novice & extended examples revision, recently approved, will be included.

3. Following-up known technical issues

a. A report on the 3% performance penalty was presented. This problem looks to be solved, presumably due to the change of OS and compiler.

It is proposed and agreed to add the monitoring of memory usage in the testing.

b. Recent bug report on GetVelocity(), affecting Cherenkov production photon from pion has been answered and the fix will be included in a future patch. No CPU penalty is expected.

4. Report from Physics Validation task

A report regarding the launch of the validation task was presented.

Further report on short/medium plan will be regularly presented at next SB meetings

5. Geant4-MT Prototype

a. Status

A version of the Geant4-MT prototype has been circulated internally for checking.

b. Support plan

A support plan was discussed. The level of support will be proportional to the fact that the code is distributed as ‘prototype’, and not expected to be used in production.

c. Next steps

Documentation to explain the steps to take for converting an application to use the MT prototype will be created.

A dedicated Hypernews Forum for user’s support will be created.

6. Collaboration matters

a. New Documentation Coordinator

M.Asai will act as ad-interim coordinator while a collaborator will be nominated.

b. Collaboration tasks

The documentation regarding the sharing of the system testing task is under creation.

7. AOB

a. Next Technical Forum

It is proposed to have a dedicated TF for medical physics, to be held during the Workshop at McGill on June 8-10th:

b. New collaborators

i. Daniel Cano Ott, and his student Emilio Mendoza Cembranos, both from CIEMAT. They will work in hadronics on the re-formulated G4NDL (proposed on March 30).

ii. Victor Diez Gonzalez (CERN) on system testing.

c. Near future conferences and events

LEAP 2011: Vancouver (Canada), April 27th May 1st.

ACAT 2011: London (UK), September 5-9th.

IEEE NSS/MIC/RTSD: Valencia (Spain), October 23-29th.

d. Tutorials

Geant4 Course at the 8th National School of Software for Nuclear, sub-nuclear and Applied Physics, 6-10, June, 2011:

SASc-ISOLDE Autumn Workshop on GEANT4, 9-12, Oct, 2011:

Meeting Date

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 12:00