Public Minutes of the 67 th Steering Board Meeting

September 23rd 2011

Attendees: Makoto Asai, Gunter Folger, Joseph Perl, John Allison (OB rep.), Luciano Pandola (deputy of Pablo Cirrone), Takashi Sasaki, Andrea Dotti, Marc Verderi, Dennis Wright, Hisaya Kurashige, Ivana Hrivnacova, Koichi Murakami, Vladimir Ivanchenko, Daniel Elvira, Peter Gumpliger.

  1. 1.Regular items

Approval of the minutes of the July 2011 Steering Board meeting.

Review of action items as for July 2011.

  1. 2.Report of developments at risk

A report of developments at risk is made. Nothing is at risk in the run category, as well as in the tracking one. In the geometry, the improvement on the safety calculation may not be delivered, the rest is on track. In biasing, a solution is needed for geometry related calculations in forced interaction development. Track category is fine, in particular the computation of the velocity is improved. In the persistency, the GDML extension is on track. In the electromagnetic category, the new multiple-scattering model is implemented, validation is ongoing to evaluate the improvement. In the low energy electromagnetic category, things should be on time. The cross-section redesign will not be fully done in the hadronics, but the rest is one track. In the visualization, gps sources and web based OGL are at risk, the rest is fine. The new G4Exception scheme has been delivered. Advanced examples will not have their code review fully done. Medical examples are fine.

It is agreed that an interface to go the persistency category for importing DICOM will be provided.

  1. 3.Discussion for next year release schedule

It is agreed to target again the beginning of December.

  1. 4.Collaboration duties

A status is made about the readiness of the publication policy and related tools, about the system testing shift and about the deployment of the requirement tracking system.

  1. 5.AOB

New members are Davide Mancusi (CEA/Saclay/France) and Philippe Canal (FNAL).

Next conferences or events are Tsukuba Space User’s Workshop, and the CERN-LPCC Detector Simulation Workshop, 6&7th of October.

It is mentioned that a patch for 9.4-patch2 (9.4.p03) will provide the fix for the time of flight for optical photons. This patch may happen late this year, or in January.

Meeting Date

Friday, September 23, 2011 - 12:00