Public minutes of 73 rd Steering Board meeting

August 7th, 2012

**Attendees: ** Andrea Dotti, Ben Morgan, Alberto Ribon, Gunter Folger, Mike Kelsey, Makoto Asai, John Allison (OB liaison), Gabriele Cosmo, Koichi Murakami, Dennis Wright, Sébastien Incerti, Marc Verderi, Hisaya Kurashige, Joseph Perl, Takashi Sasaki

**Excuses: **Daniel Elvira, Vladimir Ivantchenko

  1. Regular Items

a. Open requirements

b. Pending actions

c. **Open bug reports **

§ Have been reviewed.

  1. Reports

a) Physics validation task (Andrea)

· It is reminded that the TWiki page for physics validation is at this URL.

· The Testing and Validation web page has been revised. results

  1. 2012 Collaboration Meeting

a. It is held at Chartres, France on 10-14 September 2012

§ It is kindly asked to pay for the fees ASAP to help the local organizers.

b. The session structures and chairs are fixed.

· The session chairs should start populating session, keeping in mind to allocate reasonable discussion time.

  1. Publication board membership:

o Following the end of the term for John Apostolakis, Mike Kelsey volunteers to be the board member for a new 3-year term. The Steering Board endorsed this. The Steering Board appreciates John’s service to the Publication Board for the past 2 years.

  1. Organization review

o Makoto Asai and John Allison informed of the status of the OB plans on setting up a review on Collaboration organization.

o Concrete date and form of the review is to be determined.

o The Oversight Board has agreed on the proposed reviewers.

6. Input from recent events


· This is the world’s largest annual meeting on medical physics with about 4000 participants; the proton and ion therapies have been a major topic.

· Geant4 was mentioned in 55 talks and posters, it is used for x-ray therapy, proton and ion therapy, brachytherapy and imaging.

· MCNPX is the other code heavily used in proton and ion therapy.

· The Geant4 user’s get-together, G4NAMU, brought about 60 attendees, the most ever (up from about 55 last year and 45 the year before).

**b. African School of Physics **

· This is a school for fundamental physics teaching in Africa, with about 50 participants. It included a lecture on Geant4/simulation (8 hours).

· Andrea Dotti was the lecturer for Geant4. More information can be found from this CERN bulletin:

· The lecture on Geant4 was received in a very positive way.

· The next school will be in two years.

c. Jefferson Lab tutorial

· The 4.5-day tutorial was held at Jefferson Lab in mid-July. More than 100 attendees were participating at the course.

  1. AOB

a. Near future events

§ ICRS2012 (Sep. 02-07, 2012) (Nara) / SATIF-11 (KEK) (Sep.11-13, 2012)

§ IEEE/NSS/MIC (Oct. 29-Nov.03, 2012)

§ Geant4 Space Users Workshop (March, 2013), Barcelona

§ CHEF2013 (Calorimetry for High Energy Frontier) (Apr. 22-25, 2013), Paris

§ MC2013 (Oct. 27-31, 2013), Paris

§ “Nuclear physics for Galactic Cosmic Rays in the AMS-02 era”, (Dec. 3-4, 2012), Grenoble,

b. Near future tutorial

§ ICRS/RPSD-12 (Nara, Japan) Sept. 5

c. Scheduled power outages

  • SLAC Aug.15 17:00 - Aug.16 10:00 local time (HyperNews service will stop)
  • KEK Aug.17 08:00 - Aug.20 10:00 local time (LXR/Doxygen/JIRA services will stop, Bugzilla will be functional)

Meeting Date

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - 12:00