Public Minutes of 78 th Steering Board Meeting

March 27th 2013

Attendees: Ben Morgan, Michael Kelsey, Makoto Asai, Marc Verderi, Ivana Hrivnacova, Koichi Murakami, Andrea Dotti, Alberto Ribon, Dennis Wright, Peter Gumplinger, Gunter Folger, Gabriele Cosmo, John Allison (OB liaison), Sebastien Incerti , Vladimir Ivantchenko

Excuses: Luciano Pandola, Hisaya Kurashige

1. Regular items

· Open requirements, pending actions, open bug reports and internal development issues are reviewed.

· Particular note on open bug reports: the SB notes that as many as possible known bugs should be fixed before the v10.0 beta release.

· A dedicated JIRA component for MT-related development issues is created:


2. Report from recent events

2.1 Oversight Board meeting (March 25th)

· SB Responses to review report:

◦ The SB response to the Review Report was endorsed.

◦ Review report and responses will be made public simultaneously.

· Work plan for 2013:

◦ OB acknowledged it.

◦ OB members will encourage people to participate to Collaboration-wide works, e.g. paper review, documentation/example revisions for v10, etc.

· Manpower:

◦ Makoto Asai will send result of census for each Country individually to related OB members.

2.2 Technical Forum (March 26th)

· Requirements not yet caught up: Marc Verderi will follow this up and communicate with potential assignees.

2.3 Space Users Workshop (March 4-6th)

· More than 50 attendees.

· Almost all presentations have already been uploaded to the Workshop Indico page. Few more to come soon.

· Next Workshop will be in Huntsville, AL (US), and will be hosted by NASA/Marshall. The date is not yet fixed.

3. 2013 Work plan

· No particular concerns rose at OB or TF. The work plan is agreed.

4. Progress in multi-threading

· Aiming to have the next development release in April deploying fully functional MT mode, and have further refinements in a new development release before the Beta release of June.

· The MT Task Force will conduct migration of examples as soon as the next development release is made.

5. Schedule toward the Beta release

· The release schedule has been announced. The target date of geant4-10-00-beta is June 28th, 2013.

· It will be preceded by the usual 4 weeks release period.

6. New general paper

◦ Mail sent to Collaboration. One-month period given for collecting item.

◦ Makoto Asai will survey the authorship for the general paper.

7. Geant4 GRID use policy

· The new GRID use policy has been endorsed.

· The Geant4 VO resource should be used only for internal testing/validation purposes.

8. Date of the 2013 Collaboration meeting

· During the latest Space User’s Workshop, some collaborators expressed concern about the announced schedule, as it collides with an important conference.

· It has been decided however to keep the dates for the Collaboration meeting as originally announced (September 23-27th, 2013), as a change of schedule would be problematic at this point in time.

9. AOB

9.1 Near future conferences

· CHEF2013, Paris, April 22-25

▪ Deadline end of February for abstract

▪ Note: simulation session full.

· ACAT, Beijing, May 16-21

· PTCOG, Essen, Germany, June 2 - 8

· 2013 Geant4 user conference at the physics-medicine-biology frontier + tutorial, Bordeaux - October 7-11 (preliminary)

▪ Registration to be open by end of February -> early July

▪ 2.5 conference + tutorial

· MC2013, Paris, October 27-31

▪ Deadline extended again: now end of March

▪ So still possibility to submit

· IEEE/NSS/MIC/RTSD-2013, Seoul - October 27 - November 2

◦ Deadline for abstract: May 13th

· CHEP, Amsterdam, October 14-18

◦ Few abstracts are being reviewed. Thursday is deadline for Collaboration review.

· SuperComputing 2013, Denver, November 17-22

◦ Deadline of abstract submission: April 5th

◦ Deadline of full submission: April 12th

9.2 Near future events

· 2nd Geant4 Australian School and Monte Carlo Workshop

Meeting Date

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 12:00