Public Minutes of 89 th Steering Board Meeting

February 3rd, 2015

Attendees: Makoto Asai, Andrea Dotti, Marc Verderi, Dennis Wright, Laurent Garnier, Michael Kelsey, Luciano Pandola, Alberto Ribon, John Allison (OB liaison), Jeremy Brown, Ivana Hrivnacova, Ben Morgan, Gabriele Cosmo, Gunter Folger, Vladimir Ivantchenko, Koichi Murakami, Soon Yung Jun, Hisaya Kurashige

Excuses: Sébastien Incerti, Takashi Sasaki


1. Regular items

Open requirements, pending actions and open bug reports are reviewed. In hadronics, it was realized that the Gheisha cross-sections were used instead of the Chips ones. The latter are however physically acceptable, making the back-port of the fix unnecessary. Chips calculation performances are being improved with adoption of G4Exp and G4Log functions.

2. 2015 Collaboration census

The Collaboration census has been worked on during January and is being finalized.

3. 2015 work plan

The work plan for 2015 is in preparation and will be presented and iterated at the next Technical Forum meeting, end of March / beginning of April.

The adoption of C++11 is one Collaboration-wide development of this year, and a related Task Force will define the strategy for this. The input of the Technical Forum on this item will be requested.

4. General paper

The first draft of the general paper is almost ready. The paper itself is quite long, with more than 100 pages in single column format. The editing committee will examine how to cope with this.

5. AOB

· The 2nd HEP Software Foundation meeting took place at SLAC, USA, January 20-21st, with about 100 participants. M. Asai proposed the Foundation to become the body organizing the Technical Fora, including, but no limited to Geant4.

· The CHEP conference will take place at Okinawa, Japan, April 13-17th. One Geant4 oral presentation and 4 posters have been accepted.

· The M\&C+SNA+MC2015 conference will take place in Nashville, USA, April 19-23rd. Geant4 has been granted one full day workshop, and will participate to the invited-only poster session as well.

· The 11th Geant4 Space Users Workshop is scheduled in August 26-28th at Hiroshima, Japan.

· Several patch releases are under way: patch-04 for 9.6 series on February 4th, it will be followed by patches for 10.0 and 10.1 series.

Meeting Date

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 - 12:00