Public Minutes of the 97 th Steering Board Meeting

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Attendees: Andrea Dotti, Ben Morgan, Makoto Asai, Marc Verderi, Ivana Hrivnacova, Hisaya Kurashige, Soon Yung Jun, Luciano Pandola, Laurent Garnier, John Allison (OB liaison), Koichi Murakami, Hans Wenzel (Gunter’s deputy), Dennis Wright, Alex Howard, Gabriele Cosmo, Alberto Ribon

Excused: Gunter Folger, Sebastien Incerti

1. Regular items

o The open requirements, pending actions, status of long open bug reports, as well as physics and computing performance monitoring are reviewed.

o ATLAS observed a 3% -4% shift of the EM sampling fraction from 9.6 to 10.2 while our validation suite shows a stability at the per mil level. A preliminary study indicates this is related to very thin layers surrounding the absorber and the effect could be reproducible by our tests. Further studies are ongoing.

o About 5% computing performance degradation was observed from ref-03 to ref-04 for INCL++ and BIC tests. Further studies are ongoing.

2. Spokesperson election

o The Election Management Team reported 81 vote casts (71% of eligible collaborators) during the vote period of April 1st though 18th, and the tally was 76 yeses and 5 abstains.

o The election process and the result were endorsed.

o Makoto Asai (Spokesperson) and Marc Verderi (Deputy Spokesperson) have a new two-year term.

o The Steering Board appreciates the Election Management Team, Alex Howard, Ivana Hrivnacova and Peter Gumplinger, and tally taker Dr. Oliver Grimm.

3. 2016 release schedule

o The 2016 release schedule is confirmed as follows. :

o Beta minor release: geant4-10-03-beta - June 30th 2016

o Minor release: geant4-10-03 - December 2nd 2016

o Detailed schedule for Beta release:

o June 3rd - Tags submission deadline

o Final date for all categories for submission of tags to STT.

o June 17th

o End of Integration/System Testing

o June 17th - June 30th - Release phase

o QA and validation/GRID

o Libraries preparation and distribution

4. 2016 Collaboration meeting

o Ferrara, Italy, September 12-16

o Workshop web-pages will be announced to the Collaboration by the middle of May, when the registration will open then.

5. AOB

5.1. Input from recent events

o Technical Forum, March 23, 2016 @ CERN

o Agenda

o Minutes minutes2016_03_23

5.2. Near future events

o Technical Forum, May 3, 2016 @ LAL Orsay

o Agenda

o 35th International Workshop on Nuclear Theory, June 27 – July 1, 2016 @ Rila Mountains, Bulgaria


o The Collaboration has submitted the following contribution:

o Dynamics of Anti-Proton – Protons and Anti-Proton – Nucleus Reactions

o CHEP 2016, October 10-14, 2016 @ San Francisco, CA, USA


o The Collaboration has submitted the following contributions:

o New developments in Geant4 version 10 series

o Software Aspects of the Geant4 Validation Repository

o A Software Toolkit to Study Systematic Uncertainties of the Physics Models of the Geant4 Simulation Package

o Recent progress of Geant4 electromagnetic physics for LHC and other applications

o Simulation of orientational coherent effects via Geant4

o Exploring Xeon Phi Knight Landing architecture with Geant4

o Analysis tools in Geant4 10.2

o IEEE NSS/MIC 2016, October 29-November 6, 2016 @ Strasbourg, France


o No contribution has been submitted.

o Tutorials:

o Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, May 16-19


o CNRS Geant4 tutorial, LAL Orsay, May 23-27


o XIII Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Sub-nuclear and Applied Physics (includes a Geant4 beginner course), Alghero, Italy, June 5-10, 2016


o Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, June 20-23


o COFI Advanced Instrumentation and Analysis Techniques Summer School, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 11-19

5.3. AOB

o Third general paper:

o About 3/4 of reviewers’ comments have been addressed.

o The deadline for responses to the Journal is end of May.

Meeting Date

Monday, May 2, 2016 - 12:00