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1. Geant4 Working Groups & Coordinators

Following principles of object oriented analysis and design, the software of the Geant4 toolkit is decomposed into categories. Usually several categories are grouped together to form a working group. These working groups a responsible for the development, support and documentation of their categories. In addition there are working groups for documentation, testing and software management. Each member of the collaboration is working for one or several working groups. The working group coordinator represents the working group on the Steering Board. They are also responsible for maintainance, tagging/releasing and quality assurance of each domain/subdomain of Geant4. Coordinators can reply to specific questions in the area of their responsibility.


Working Group Categories, Sub-categories or Description Institute - Coordinator
Documentation Management documents, UserDoc, examples ETH Zurich - Alexander Howard
Electromagnetic Physics processes/electromagnetic, processes/optical CERN - Vladimir Ivantchenko
Generic Processes and Materials materials, the following sub-categories of processes: decay, management, parameterisation IN2P3/LLR - Marc Verderi
Geometry and Transport geometry, processes/transportation, g3tog4 CERN - John Apostolakis
Hadronic Physics processes/hadronic, data/PhotonEvaporation, G4NDL CERN - Alberto Ribon
Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics processes/electromagnetic/lowenergy IN2P3 - Sebastien Incerti
Particles and Tracking particles, track, tracking KEK - Shogo Okada
Persistency persistency CERN - Gabriele Cosmo
Physics Lists and Validation Tools physics_lists CERN - Gunter Folger
Run, Event and Detector Responses run, digits_hits, events, readout SLAC - Makoto Asai
Software Management data, global, config University of Warwick - Ben Morgan
Testing and Quality Assurance tests FNAL - Soon Yung Jun
User and Category Interfaces environments, intercoms, interfaces KEK - Koichi Murakami
Visualisation visualization, graphics_reps INS2I - Laurent Garnier
Novice and Extended examples novice and extended examples IN2P3/IPN Orsay - Ivana Hrivnacova
Advanced examples advanced examples University of Wollongong - Susanna Guatelli


2. Geant4 Contact Persons


If you wish to contact a member of Geant4 for help, support, or enhancement requests of the toolkit, your first contact should be with the contact person of your experiment or institute. The COMMON representative is the contact person for people outside the collaborating experiments or institutes.


Experiment/Institute Contact person
Geant4 Technical Forum Marilena Bandieramonte
ALICE Alberto Ribon
ATLAS John Apostolakis
BaBar Dennis Wright
CERN Gabriele Cosmo
CMS Vladimir Ivantchenko
COMMON Vladimir Ivantchenko
ESA Giovanni Santin
FNAL Daniel Elvira
IN2P3 Marc Verderi
INFN Giacomo Cuttone
KEK Takashi Sasaki
Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow Vladimir Grichine
LHCb Witold Pokorski
STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK), former PPARC John Allison
SLAC, JLAB Makoto Asai
TRIUMF Fred Jones