Minutes of the Steering Board Meeting, 17 June 2008

Editor: Sunanda Banerjee


CERN: J. Apostolakis, G. Cosmo, V. Ivanchenko, G. Folger
SLAC: M. Asai, D. Wrght, J. Perl
LLNR: M. Verderi
INFN LNS: G. Cuttone, G.A. Pablo Cirrone
FNAL: S. Banerjee
TRIUMF: P. Gumplinger
IN2P3 Annecy: M. Maire
IN2P3 Bordeaux: S. Incerti

Regular Items

  • Approval of minutes of SB meeting of April 8th, 2008: approved
  • Pending Actions current as of April 2008
    • Action 32.6 - No progress (Computer Physics Communications, Transaction on Nuclear Science, NIM, EPJ are possible journals)
    • Action 37.3 - Merge with 44.1 and close
    • Action 41.2 - No report
    • Action 42.3 - Pending ; to be reassigned
    • Action 43.3 - Issue to be followed; close this
    • Action 44.1 - remains open
    • Action 44.2 - though web page exists but not on design; remains open
    • Action 44.3 - recontacted OB. Once meeting happens, close this
    • Action 44.4 - Open and discuss under AOB
    • Action 45.2 - Make it a subgroup of SB; still open
    • Action 46.1 - Still open
    • Action 46.3 - Just started - still open
    • Action 47.1 - No progress - pending
    • Action 47.2 - Dennis responded. Makoto, John also prepared, Close this
    • Action 47.3 - Gunter has made a list, to be discussed
    • Action 48.1 - Done; close
    • Action 48.2 - Updated; close
    • Action 48.3 - No progress
    • Action 48.4 - Dennis reported; no progress
    • Action 48.5 - Similar to 47.3; merge
  • Report from OB meeting, Lyon June 10th
    Issues discussed:
    • election of SB representatives
    • FTE in working groups
    • Manpower issue in SLAC
    • resources in each institute (no big change)
    • wish and constraints of INFN to hire people for Geant4
    • IN2P3 representative changed
    • Low energy EM situation discussed (IN2P3 thanked INFN)
    • report different French G4 efforts
    • Geant4 review date proposed (second half of January - OK)
    • Next meeting during Geant4 workshop or teleconference (within fall)

Elections update

  • Report of process for election of Low Energy EM working group Sebastian Incerti is the new convener
  • Status of Spokesperson Election: report of Nomination Phase Coordinate nomination phase is over - one candidate only, endorsed by SB.
    SB to appoint Election Management team - the same team which coordinated nomination phase (Marc, Peter, Takashi) is suggested. Takashi was not present - to be contacted - if he agrees John/Marc will inform Makoto and SB

Brief progress reports

  • Status of developments for the Beta release (Workplan of 2008)
    • Run, Event and Detector Response
    • Tracking
    • Particles and Track
    • Geometry and Transport
      Many of the deliverables in the work plan are in for public release patches. The rest (with exception of B-field related) are in progress
    • Generic Processes and Materials
    • Electromagnetic Standard Physics
      Many new developments - on multiple scattering, Bremsstrahlung of charged hadron
    • Low Energy Electromagnetic Physics
      Working group readjusted with 10 continuing, 2 departing. 27 new potential collaborators. Situation to be assessed and reported to SB (also OB for new institutes)
    • Hadronic Physics
      Many fixes to Bertini cascade model, HEP, INCL/ABLA. Add Fermi momentum to quasi elastic and tuning of FTF model
    • Persistency
      Current code development will be integrated soon. The main code developer leaving by end of this month
    • User and Category Interfaces
    • Visualisation
      Addition of Qt interface. Need full support for visualizing Boolean shape.
    • Advanced Examples
      Some of the earlier WG members to be readmitted to the WG
    • Physics Lists
      Some changes for EM physics lists
  • Report from performance task force

The need for a Proposal to support US Geant4 activities

Invited Richard Mount

  • SLAC has seen severe cut in HEP affecting Geant4 activities All projects in HEP and Astrophysics are micromanaged from Washington. Geant4 needs a proposal to Washington for the US groups (currently SLAC and Fermilab). Proposal to be made in consultation with Geant4 team focusing on a few concrete aspects.

Meeting Date

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 - 12:00