Public Minutes for Geant4 Steering Board Meeting, 1st September 2010

Date: Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Time: 08:30 CEST




  • Koichi, Hisaya, Katsuya


  • Makoto, Gunter, Gabriele, Marc, Sébastien, Vladimir, Michel, Pablo


  • Peter, Joseph, Dennis, Paul


  • John Allison (OB representative), John Apostolakis (ex-spokesperson)


  • Christina


1. Regular items

· Action items are updated.

2. Technical Forum chair and deputy chair

· Proposal of Andreas Morsch (CERN) for the Chair and Bruce Fadeggon (UCSF) for the Deputy Chair was agreed. These appointments take effect immediately. The term is two years and it is renewable as stated in the Collaboration Agreement.

3. Revised process of Spokesperson election

· Current issues and thoughts are discussed.

· Makoto proposed SB to continue discussing on issues and proposed solutions using SB mailing list. This proposal was agreed.

o Action – Sunanda, Paul, Peter to create proposal by the next SB meeting and circulate

4. Process of publication review

· Dennis reported the status of the review process for MC2010 and proposal for the future conferences.

o Action – Publication Board to create a prototype system(s) for editing (using hypernews, indico/confluence, and/or other) and report to SB

· Dennis also reported the list of editors for MC2010. It was noted that same editors are in charge for the presentation slides.

o Action – Dennis to update editor list for our record

o Action – Publication Board to plan practice talks for fall 2010 conferences (SNA+MC2010, CHEP2010, IEEE NSS 2010) technicality

· Dennis proposed Draft of Editor Guidelines

o Action – All SB members to review this guideline and send comments to Publication Board.

o Action – Publication Board to finalize the guideline by next SB meeting and append it to the publication regulation

5. Collaboration Meeting

· Makoto reported the message from the local organizers that the registration should start shortly.

o Note: it has started on Sept. 2nd.

· Invited non-G4 members: if there are no concerns, agreement is automatic after 7 days after the circulation of the proposal to SB mailing list; please inform Makoto who will keep track of the names of invitees.

· Koichi reported the current draft proposal of the workshop structure.

o Parallel session chairs are requested to check with session scheduled at the same time in parallel to make sure you do not need the same people.

o Plenary session chairs will be confirmed by Sept. 3rd.

o Koichi and the Program Committee aim to finalize the structure by Sept. 3rd.

· All session chairs are requested to allocate adequate time for discussion.

· John Ap. requested additional time for architecture review feedbacks.

o Program Committee will check the possibility.

6. 9.4 release

· Gabriele proposed the schedule of 9.4 release and agreed.

· It is agreed that SB will review the at-risk deliverables at the next SB meeting on Oct. 5th.

o Action – All category coordinators to prepare the report on at-risk deliverables and distribute to SB

7. Geant4 Jobs Wiki

· Joseph verbally reported the proposal of creating a Geant4 Jobs Wiki.

o Action – Joseph to create a written proposal (including both regulations and technicality) and report to SB.

8. AOB

o Near future tutorials

o Toyama, Japan, December 7-10, (open to public, in Japanese / English)

§ Contact: Tsukasa Aso

o Texas A\&M Univ., College Station, TX, USA, January 10-14, (open to public, in English)

§ Contact: Joseph

o Makoto proposed the full access of OB to SB-restricted web pages including SB meeting agenda and action items. Proposal was agreed.

o Next SB meeting is held at the Collaboration Meeting

o Tuesday, Oct. 5 – working dinner

o Friday, Oct. 8 – 14:00-15:45

o OB+SB joint meeting on Friday, Oct.8 – 16:00-17:15

Meeting Date

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 12:00